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Your best resource isn't really the product and services you offer, the systems you have developed, or the technological innovations you make use of. Your most valued resource is your employees. It is people which propel the sales, enhance the processes, and deal with obstacles for your customers.

Your business has grown into a growing enterprise and that meant adding much more employees. Supervising those people now requires a great deal of your time. Instead of focusing on vital priorities, you end up looking for professional individuals to hire, worrying about employee morale and staff retention, organizing benefit plans, settling employment contracts, and managing employee relations.

Call our Calgary office for skilled HR Consulting on a retainer, as-needed, or project by project basis.

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Outsourced HR Consulting Knowledge

Expert hr management is imperative for employee relations and retention. Take into account the personnel and worker benefits organization solutions of Wendy Ellen Inc. acting as the neutral voice for your workforce and management.

Wendy Ellen Inc. specializes in supplying personnel and benefits supervision abilities to small to mid-sized companies on an as-needed basis. From recruitment, Human Resource policy formation and legal compliance, employee retention and involvement, individual advisor/coaching, succession planning to staff enhancement and performance, Wendy Ellen Inc. will definitely help you safeguard your most precious resource, your people.

Suited to your special business condition, our human resource management involves a wide array of services consisting of:

  • Basic HR Infrastructure
  • Policy Development/Employee Handbooks
  • Executive Coaching
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Performance Management and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Harassment Investigations
  • Group Benefit Brokering and Consulting
  • Employee Attraction and Retention
  • Compensation
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Management Advisory Services
  • Candidate Validation
  • and much more...

Contact Wendy Ellen Inc. today to discuss your human resources needs.

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calgary humanresources consulting


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We understand how difficult it is to find Calgary HR Consulting Services, Leadership Coaching, HR Consulting, Group Benefits Sales & Consulting, Recruitment, and other similliar professional services in Calgary. At Wendy Ellen Inc. we provide all this and more!

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